Bum Jokes

A street bum came up to Arthur in the supermarket parking lot.
- Hey man, you got 5 bucks for food?
- Sorry I'm all out of change but I just bought some beer, I'll give you a bottle if you want.
- Thanks man, I appreciate it but I don't drink.
- Oh, ok, well how about a smoke?
- Nah, I don't smoke either.
- Oh, ok well, I'll tell you what I'll do, I'm going out to the race track tomorrow and I got a tip, I'll put 10 bucks on the horse in your name.
- That's really kind of you sir but I don't gamble.
- No kidding, ok come home with me then, my wife's making dinner right now.
- I'd love that sir.
After geting home Arthur says:
- Gertrude honey I'm home, look I brought a guest for dinner. I want you to see what happens to people who don't drink, smoke or gamble.


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