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Arthur had taken up art and was showing his wife Gertrude his latest paintings.
- Yes Arthur, this one is really nice, and this one too. But oooh what is this hideous thing, that's the ugliest picture I've ever seen, please take it away before I puke my guts out honey.
- But Gertrude dear, that one is not one of my paintings, that's a mirror.

Arthur was trying to make it as an artist. He was trying to sell a painting of his named ''Grazing Cow''.
- It looks great, said the potential buyer, but why isnít there any grass in the picture?
- Well, said Arthur, the cow ate all the grass so there's no grass left.
-Hmm, yeah, ok but what about the cow? Why isn't there a cow in the picture?
- Well, the cow left after all the grass was eaten.


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