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Arthur was driving through the desert when suddenly his car stopped. He opened the hood but couldn't find anything wrong. After a while a black horse showed up.
- Fuel filter fuel filter ... fuel filter, said the horse.
Fuel filter huh? Said Arthur.
He checked his fuel filter and it was clogged. He cleared it enough to get the car started again. He gave the horse a candy bar he had in the car as thanks and went on his way. A few miles down the road he pulled in for some gas and he told the gas station attendant the whole incredible story about the black horse and the fuel filter.
Well son, you were lucky that black horse came along, said the gas station attendant, there's a white horse around that area too but he doesn't know diddly doo about cars.

A llama walks into the bar and orders a Miller, drinks the beer, pays and leaves.
- Did you see what just happened? Said Arthur who was also in the bar to the bartender, that's incredible!
- Yes, said the bartender, I agree, I've never seen anything like this before, usually he orders Bud.


Arthur was walking down the street with a giraffe and got stopped by a police man.
- Where do you think you're going with that wild and dangerous animal? Asked the cop.
- Oh, I'm taking him to the zoo, said Arthur.
The cop thought that was probably ok since an animal like that belongs in the zoo and decided to let Arthur take his giraffe to the zoo.
But the next day Arthur came walking down the street again with the same giraffe.
Hey what's going on? asked the cop, I thought you took that giraffe to the zoo yesterday?
- Yes I did, and today I'm taking him to the movie theater.

Arthur and Delbert are catching up after Arthur was sent to Iraq. Arthur says ''I have been teaching my dog to speak English.'' ''No way.'' Delbert replied in disbelief. ''Then listen to this.'' He turns to his dog and asks ''How was the situation in Iraq?'' The dog replies ''rough rough''.

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