Recently the space and time fairing 'Chrono Mechanic' couple from the planet Arcadia have been seen perched atop the pyramids of Giza studying the timeless structures as well as the entire area in fine detail.
Witnesses say the mysterious pair can be observed roaming the plateau on foot and also with the assistance of their star car / time machine. Besides exploring the pyramids the couple have been nosing around the Sphinx according to witnesses.
One such a Mr. Abdul Jamul of nearby Cairo said a few days ago, my friend Hassan and I saw them emerge from a secret door in the left paw of the sphinx.
    They were carrying large sacks and yelling, we got them! '' whereupon they ran for their 'auto/ufo'''.

Mr. Jamul further said as Hassan ran up to the machine to confront them, the woman pilot yelled
out, no! Get back! ''. ''suddenly there was a bright flash of light and an earth shaking 'ka-boom'! ''the car and Hassan were gone to the land of the Jinn! '' ''Alas poor Hassan! Dibs on his camels!'' said Abdul.
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Ghost Sightings From Egypt

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Ghost Sightings From Egypt

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